Desi Twitter Spills the Tea On Red Flags To Look Out For [Tweets]

Twitter is bringing up red flags again and Desi Twitter is pitching in too.

Desi Twitter

Twitter is bringing up red flags again and Desi Twitter is pitching in too. From judging people’s ‘favorites’ to hardline issues we need a reality check on.

Red flags are warning signs that signal more underlying issues and problematic behavior to come. So these warning signs will vary from culture to culture.

That’s why Desi Twitter participating in the Twitter trend is so important. Not just for the awareness but also to spill the tea. So what are some red flags to look out for?


This is a more universal one.


He’s not Desi, but the man has a point.



Agree to disagree. Or is that a red flag too?


This one we can all agree on. Who are these people?


Again. Don’t mess with the classics. Food is a touchy subject for South Asians.


We expected this was going to make the list.



Might as well be a climate change denialist.


There were a lot of honorable mentions for non-romantic relationships too.


Really now? Corporate entities are family?


Not being able to muster an apology.



Though there was a lot more dirt to dish out on romantic relationships.


Please stop then.


Is this just an edgy thing to say? Or do people really think like that?


We cannot stress this enough. RUN!



Oh boy! Do you now? Why can’t a grown woman exercise autonomy?


Do you know what this means, right?


Reality-checks, anyone?


This just got really dark.

We have a lot of these apparently.



That one was harsh. But necessary, no?


Are there any red flags we missed? Mention some red flags you look out for. We’d love to know more about warning signs not on the list. Let us know in the comments below.

Written by Ummara Sheraz

Entertainment & culture writer at ProPakistani/Lens. Occasionally dabbles in other news.


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