Netizens Demand #JusticeForSaima #JusticeForQuratulain

3 women killed in 3 days…

#JusticeForSaima #JusticeForQuratulain

While the murder of the daughter of Pakistani diplomat Shukat Mukaddam on Eid shook the nation, the murder of three women in violence from partners have been reported over three days. Netizens are demanding #JusticeForSaima and #JusticeForQuratulain.


These murders highlighted the rampant issue of domestic violence in Pakistan. These women died painful deaths at the hands of partners highlighting how ‘staying home’ isn’t the solution for women’s safety. Change in attitudes and adequate enforcement of the law is.


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Quratulain, a mother of four, was murdered at the hands of her husband. Umer Khalid reportedly beat his wife to death in front of his four children.


Similarly, Saima was shot dead by her husband Raza Ali, a police officer. He even injured his children in the process.


Then Noor Mukaddam’s murder only provided further visibility to the issue. Now Netizens are demanding that action be taken against the three men that took away the lives of three innocent women.

People sent out heartfelt prayers for the deceased and their families.



Additionally people are also calling out the government for not addressing the issue.



The fact that the current government is reviewing the domestic violence bill only added to public disdain.


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People called out how justice shouldn’t really be on public outrage and hashtags and as citizens, women’s safety should matter. It should not have taken #JusticeForSaima #JusticeForQuratulain for authorities to take action.



Activist Jibran Nasir pointed out how public outrage might only help pressure for a case and investigation, not justice. He raised the fact that a social media campaign did get the affluent man who tried to kill Khajida Siddiqi convicted. Yet he roams free after serving around half his sentence.

How do you want the government to ensure citizen security and women’s safety? Let us know in the comments below.


Written by Ummara Sheraz

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