Designer Parishae Adnan Is All Set To Make Her TV Debut In Comedy Series

The designer will play a “poet at heart” in a HUM TV show.

Fashion designer Parishae Adnan is embarking on a new journey into the realm of acting, poised to grace the screens in an upcoming HUM TV comedy titled “Dil Pey Dastak”. Penned by Hassan Imam and helmed by Ali Masud Saeed, this comedic venture marks Adnan’s foray into the world of entertainment.

The Momina Duraid production boasts a stellar cast, with Khaqan Shahnawaz and Aena Khan leading the ensemble. In a statement provided exclusively to Images, Adnan revealed that she will be portraying the character of Nazia, a “house-help” with a poetic soul, nurtured in the bustling city far from her roots.

Characterizing Nazia as a “romantic” at heart, Adnan emphasized the stark differences between the role and her persona.

The narrative revolves around two interconnected families whose bond traces back to the camaraderie shared by their ancestors. Inhabiting the same household but residing on separate floors, the storyline unfolds into a delightful concoction of humor, anchored by a blend of morals, values, and relatable plotlines. It’s a recipe tailor-made for comedy.

Adnan found herself at the HUM TV offices when a suggestion was made regarding her potential in acting. Clarifying to Images, the designer disclosed her extensive experience in theater, albeit her debut on television screens.

“They requested an audition tape from me, and shortly thereafter, I was presented with this role,” she elaborated, underlining that her venture into acting wasn’t a deliberate shift.

Parishae expressed,

As an artist, I firmly believe in the multitude of mediums available for self-expression. Acting has consistently held a special place in my heart, which is evident through the incorporation of theatrical elements in my fashion shows.

While uncertain whether her television acting stint would be a singular occurrence, she expressed anticipation for the experience, particularly during Ramadan.

“When I watch the playbacks, I find myself chuckling at my own performance, a reminder that life should be approached with a light-hearted perspective,” she reflected.