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Did Australian Travel Blogger Tayla Hill Convert to Islam?

Here’s the full story.

Tayla Hill

We’ve all heard the news of Australian travel blogger, Tayla Hill converting to Islam over the weekend. The odd thing is the woman herself knows nothing about this. So what really happened here?

It all started with a tweet from what apparently looks like Tayla Hill’s Twitter account. The tweet announced that Tayla Hill had converted to Islam.


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This was followed by a slew of congratulations and wishes from the travel blogger’s fans.

Even Feroze Khan congratulated the Aussie blogger. If this is even real.

Fans rolled out Islamic name suggestions.

Is this even true?

Apparently not. That’s not even Tayla Hill’s real Twitter account. The blogger revealed that she doesn’t have a Twitter account at all.


Some people questioned the legitimacy of the conversation, but not the conversion itself.

That’s when people who didn’t buy this fake news started collectively reporting the account. Now the account has been temporarily restricted.

Looks like the whole ordeal did get the blogger to join Twitter.

She even had to call out news outlets that were reporting about the spiritual conversion that never was.

About Tayla Hill

The Australian travel blogger had been in Pakistan a few months ago. That’s how she came to grow a fan base in the country.

She started out climbing Pakistan’s hills. From Margalla to Abbottabad.

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In the foothills of Margalla hills is an old village named Shah Allah Ditta and in it, ancient caves that bare a Buddhist history dating back to the Gandharan civilisation. It is said that the caves were first used for meditation by Buddhists and later used by Hindu sadhu's and then taken over by Muslims during the Mughal empire. The ancient Banyan trees that surround the caves have woven into the walls and add character. Nearby there are steps that lead to a fresh water pond. Historically the route of the village itself was also used as a way from Afghanistan into the region and it is also said that it's the way Alexander The Great had passed through. Today people say that the caves are haunted. #travelbeautifulpakistan #letsgotopakistan #travelgirlspakistan #iropakistan #ig_pakistan #travellersofpakistan #girlslovetravel #wonderfulpakistan #solofemaletraveler #destinationpakistan #flashh_pakistan #pakistan_pics #outlooktraveller #dawndotcom #passionpassport #travellerau #condeNastTraveller #picturepakistan #naturepakistan #igerspakistan

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She later paid a visit to Lahore and moved farther out to explore Sialkot.

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Visited the Gurdwara Darbar Sahib, Kartarpur, Punjab which is considered a very holy site to the Sikh people as it is where the founder of the faith, Guru Nanak spent his last years and passed away there thus people building a temple on that site. The town Kartarpur itself was founded by guru Nanak and where the first community of Sikh's lived. When visiting the temple I was informed that the story goes on the founding Guru passing away, there was a dispute between the Hindus and Muslims for the right to bury the Guru. It's said that instead his body turned into flowers and was shared between both beliefs communities and that they never found a body. Located within only a few kilometres of the Indian border and the temple within sight of India; in recent times the Kartarpur corridor has been opened- allowing Indian Sikh's to accesibly visit without taking the longer journey to Lahore first as it previously was. I read somewhere that some were calling it a "peace corridor". I believe it binds the history shared between two nations. The process of such a place as this was entering through security, getting a ticket, taking my pass and hopping on the bus to the temple. I spent a number of hours here mesmerised as the winter sun begins to set early boldening the striking white walls of the temple. #travelbeautifulpakistan #iropakistan #igpk #travelgirlspakistan #travellersofpakistan #solofemaletraveler #destinationpakistan #flashh_pakistan #travelgirlsofficial #outlooktraveller #dawndotcom #passionpassport #femaletravelbloggers #condeNastTraveller #everydaypakistan #ig_features_ #kartarpurcorridor #gltlove #experiencepakistan #sikhhistory #asiatravels #pakistanstreetstyle @wonderful.pakistan @dawn_dot_com @letsgotopakistan @islamic_republic_of_pakistan @Pakistan

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In Lahore's walled city lies the surviving remnants of a persian- style ancient bath house called the Shahi Hammam that was built in 1635 during mughal emperor Shah Jehan's reign. Observing from the inside is quiet, you wouldn't seem to notice that outside lies much noise of the old city. This bath house contained a warm and hot room, pools to bathe in and a dressing area. It was originally facilitated to accommodate travellers and locals of the city and also had a prayer room- so it was likely used to cleanse oneself before prayer time. It's incredible to see how the Mughal's created the heating system, water and drainage throughout the hammam. To explain what a typical 'hammam' is today. It is basically a bath house & steam room, often made with stone or marble, people generally don't wear clothing except for underwear; usually seperated by gender and used for relaxation and healing properties. Today they are most commonly found used in Turkey, Morocco or some countries in Europe. The Shahi hammam has been intricately preserved and restored with details of Persian and Mughal influence. #travelbeautifulpakistan #iropakistan #igpk #travelgirlspakistan #travellersofpakistan #solofemaletraveler #destinationpakistan #flashh_pakistan #outlooktraveller #walledcityoflahore #dawndotcom #wonderfulpakistan #locallylahore #femaletravelbloggers #condeNastTraveller #everydaypakistan #ig_features_ #gltlove #experiencepakistan #letsgotopakistan

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In Sialkot, aside from all the congestion and noise of the roads and shops; there's a heritage church coloured in red with white outlining. An old church, built in the 1800's and known as the Hunter Memorial Church after the first Scottish missionary Thomas Hunter had arrived in Sialkot. Not long after the missionary family arrived, they were murdered along with their young son during the first war of independence. Following that other Christian missionaries had come and devoted their lives to the people here. Although the main entrance was closed and there are walls surrounding, I wanted to take a look inside this beautiful church. On asking a man nearby if the church was open to visitors he explained to check the side entrance and upon meeting a few friendly faces who maintain and guard the church I was able to enter and see the inside. Inside the gates it was serene and quiet, no noise and a beautiful green garden awaited surrounding the church as well as very old grave stones. It had rained the the evening before and water had filled the garden like a small pond. After having visited many mosques and temples, it was my first time visiting the inside of a church here. #travelbeautifulpakistan #iropakistan #igpk #travelgirlspakistan #travellersofpakistan #solofemaletraveler #destinationpakistan #flashh_pakistan #outlooktraveller #dawndotcom #wonderfulpakistan #sialkot #femaletravelbloggers #everydaypakistan #ig_features_ #gltlove #experiencepakistan #letsgotopakistan #churches #traveljournal

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She might have picked up cricket fever during her time here, but she sure didn’t convert to Islam.


Written by Ummara Sheraz

Entertainment & culture writer at ProPakistani/Lens. Occasionally dabbles in other news.


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