Did Sheheryar Munawar Just Reveal He’s Single Again? [Video]

Stuff happens.

Sheheryar Munawar

Sheheryar Munawar might be single again. Before every fangirl rejoices, let’s not forget break-ups are never easy.

In an interview with The Current, the Paray Hut Love actor revealed that he’s single. For how long we don’t know, but we do know that his mother called off the engagement.


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Earlier this year the Project Ghazi star was engaged to Dr. Hala Somroo.  In response to a question during the interview, Sheheryar Munawar said the most daring thing that he has ever done was, tell his mother that he wants to choose the woman he marries.

“The most daring thing that I’ve done is telling my mother that once I tried on your call, and you yourself ended it but this time, I’ll choose the girl I want to get married to”

Sheheryar Munawar ex-fiance Dr. Hala Somroo

After things didn’t end well between the Ho Mann Jahaan actor and Hala, seem like he’d rather follow his heart this time around.


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Even though Sheheryar didn’t straight-up admit he’s on the market, he did make a cheeky remark.

“Smart people will be able to take the cue.”

Now that he’s single again, we can get to shipping Sheheryar Munawar and Maya Ali. The two are friends and fans have been loving their chemistry in Paray Hut Love.

Last we check both denied rumors of dating. Maya Ali even brought up how he’s tired of being shipped with all her co-stars from Osman Khalid Butt to Sheheryar Munawar.


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