Did Wahab Riaz Use Harsh Words Towards Fans During a Match?

Let’s check our facts.

Wahab Riaz

Recently, a video of Peshawar Zalmi captain Wahab Riaz appeared on social media and it has raised a lot of questions about his attitude. In the video, the cricketer can be seen angrily approaching a few fans and admonished them.

When some fans were calling out his name and cheering on, he approached them and confronted them furiously. Apparently, there was someone in the crowd who kept on mocking him and even called him a parchi (someone who gets into a job through a connection).

He can be seen confronting the crowd,

“Someone just yelled out ‘Parchi’. Who was it?”

The cricketer lost his cool on being called a parchi and uttered some very unpleasant words. Some fans urged Wahab Riaz to let go of the matter and calm down.


The video has made several rounds on the internet and people are disappointed at his behaviour.

But some fans and media outlets suggest that it wasn’t a recent incident. In fact, it’s from 2019, when Riaz was representing the Zalmis in the fourth edition of the Pakistan Super League (PSL).

Nonetheless, fans are infuriated at him for using vulgar language towards his fans. One Twitter user even requested PCB to ‘groom’ our players as they represent the country on an international level. He wrote,

“When u play at the highest level in a country where cricket is passion, such comments come with the package. I hope @TheRealPCBinvests in the grooming of our players who represent Pak at the highest level.Shut the critics with performance and not with anger.”

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