Do You Believe Adil Rajput’s Wife About the Accident?

Find out what they have to say in their defense.

Adil Rajput

Adil Rajput’s story has left his fans both disappointed and angry. People have been attacking the TikTok star for what they’ve been calling an attempt to gain more fame. But the Multan resident and his wife recently revealed details of the incident that were followed by his wife’s viral video.

Adil, who posts humorous and trendy videos with his wife, currently has 2.9 million followers on his TikTok account. His fans had been loyal to him, and cherished his videos, until a few days ago when his wife posted a video that spread like wildfire.

Adil Rajput’s claim to infamy

Farah Adil posted a video of herself crying uncontrollably, saying that her husband, the famous TikTok star, has passed away in an accident. When fans heard about the news, they were devastated and gathered outside his house for condolences.

Announcements were also made in a nearby mosque. But soon after, everyone found out that Adil was very much alive. He did have an accident while driving with his brother, but he was lucky enough to make it through.

This revelation angered the public, and people are calling out the couple. His fans couldn’t believe he or his wife would joke about death for fame. However, he and his wife sat down for an interview with Urdu Point, where they explained what had happened.

Let’s take a look at the video:




Farah says that in a state of complete chaos and panic she found solace in talking to her fans. And upon finding out that Adil was still alive, she had forgotten about the video that she posted on his TikTok account.

Moreover, Adil Rajput says that those who don’t believe that it was an honest mistake can unfollow and block him. He said:

If you think we’re at fault then report our IDs and get our accounts deleted. We don’t want to stay in a place where we’re not respected.

Do you believe Adil Rajput and his wife’s side of the story? Let us know in the comments section.




TikToker Adil Rajput Faked His Death to Gain Followers: Locals

Written by Yusra Rafiq


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