Drive-Thru or Ride-Thru: Pakistani Men Order McDonald’s on Horseback [Video]

Only in Pakistan!

In a sight that might have left Ronald McDonald scratching his head, a video of two men riding on horseback through a McDonald’s drive-thru has taken the internet by storm.

With the insane rise of fuel prices these days, Pakistanis continue to amaze everyone with their unique totkas to everything. Two “geniuses” came up with an idea to save up on fuel as they took their trusty steads on a journey to a McDonald’s drive-thru.

The hilarious video captured the duo patiently waiting behind a fellow customer, in a car, as they navigated their four-legged companions through the drive-thru queue.

Social media erupted with humorous reactions to the unconventional drive-thru adventure. One user succinctly summed up the situation with, “Drive thru ❌ Ride thru ☑️.”

As the price of fuel continues its relentless ascent, some netizens were quick to commend the horse riders for their innovative approach. With a touch of sarcasm, one user quipped,

Of course, after the hike in petrol prices and such a poor economy, this seems the best option…

Another netizen commented, “Petrol ⛽️ ko jo aag lagi hui ha 😀,” while another wrote, People are making cars that can fly over traffic, while we are still returning on horse from cars. Welcome to the old Pakistan.”

While it’s doubtful that the horses enjoyed a side of fries with their journey, the video reminds us that in a world dominated by horsepower, sometimes four legs are all you need for a memorable drive-thru experience.