Election Day: 21 Delicious Deals for Voters to Enjoy

Here’s a detailed rundown of the Election Day deals you can avail of at various eateries.

As Pakistan gears up for the 2024 elections, citizens are not only preparing to cast their votes but also looking forward to enjoying some delicious rewards post-voting.

Many eateries across the country are stepping up to incentivize voter turnout by offering enticing deals and discounts to those who fulfill their civic duty.

From free desserts to significant discounts on meals, here’s a detailed rundown of the Election Day deals you can avail of at various eateries regardless of your political affiliation.

Kaybees: Free Ice Cream

At Kaybees, voters can satisfy their sweet cravings with a free small ice cream cup by simply showing their inked thumb after dining. This offer is valid until 6 pm on Election Day, 8th February, across all Kaybees outlets.

Burger Lab: Buy One Get One Free

Burger Lab encourages citizens to make their votes count by offering a buy one get one free deal upon showing their inked thumb. This offer is subject to terms and conditions and is available exclusively on Election Day.

E-Street Express: 15% Discount

Show your voting thumb at E-Street Express to enjoy an exclusive 15% discount on your order, making your dining experience even more delightful.

Angeethi: Tasty Discount

Angeethi doubles the joy of voting by offering a tasty discount to voters who flash their voting mark, making it a win-win situation both at the ballot box and at the dining table.

Dunkin’ Donuts: Free Donut with Beverage Purchase

Dunkin’ Donuts sweetens the deal for voters by offering a free donut with the purchase of any beverage. Simply show your voting mark and indulge in this delicious reward.

OD Donuts: 15% Off on Any Item

Cast your vote, show your mark, and enjoy a 15% discount on any item at OD Donuts. This offer is valid nationwide on 8th February only, so don’t miss out on this sweet deal.

Ala Rahi: Free Dessert

At Ala Rahi, voters can sweeten their day with a complimentary dessert by showing their inked thumb. This offer is valid for dine-in orders only on Election Day.

OMG (Oh My Grill): Buy One Get One Free

Exercise your right to vote and then treat yourself to a delicious meal at OMG with their buy one get one free offer. Simply show your inked thumb to avail of this tempting deal.

California Pizza: 50% Off on Pizza

California Pizza rewards voters with a whopping 50% off on all pizza flavors from their regular menu. This offer is valid for dine-in and takeaway orders on Election Day.

Yalla! Shawarma: 15% Off Everything

Celebrate your civic duty at Yalla! Shawarma with a 15% discount on everything you order by showing your inked thumb. This offer is valid for dine-in and pickup orders on 8th and 9th February.

The Cheese Factor: 20% Off Cheesy Pizzas

Vote for a better future and enjoy a flat 20% off on the cheesiest pizzas in town at The Cheese Factor.

X-tapa: 15% Off on Entire Menu

Savor the savings at X-tapa Islamabad with an exclusive 15% discount on their entire menu for voters. This offer is not valid for lunch menu and hi-tea and is applicable only on 8th February.

BLT: 15% Off on À La Carte Menu

Feast with BLT and enjoy a flat 15% discount on their à la carte menu by showing your ink-stamped thumb on Election Day.

Jardin: 20% Off

At Jardin, voters can dine and save with a tempting 20% discount upon showing their vote ink on 8th February.

M’s Eatery: Up to 15% Off

Exercise your right to vote and enjoy up to 15% off on your order at M’s Eatery, available for dine-in, delivery, and takeaway.

Kremsi: Free Mini Donut

At Kremsi, voters can relish a free mini donut on every inked thumb, making their voting experience even sweeter.

One Cheese Away: Discount on Meal

Show your election ink at One Cheese Away and enjoy a delicious discount on your meal as a reward for exercising your right to vote.

Creamello: 10% Off Post-Vote

After casting your vote, enjoy a 10% discount at Creamello, making your post-vote experience even more delightful.

Zeytin: Free Mint Lemonade

Present your vote thumb at Zeytin and enjoy a refreshing free mint lemonade for takeaway on 8th February.

Broadway Pizza: 50% Off on Regular Menu

Play your part in the democratic process and claim a 50% discount on the regular menu at Broadway Pizza by showing your inked thumb. This offer is valid for dine-in only on Election Day.

FYI: Free Drink

At FYI, voters can have a drink on the house by showing their inked thumb on 8th February.

These Election Day deals not only add flavor to the voting experience but also serve as a reminder of the importance of civic engagement.

So, cast your vote and indulge in these delicious rewards as a token of appreciation for fulfilling your democratic duty.