Eman Suleman Shares 5 Important Questions to Ask Your Partner Before Saying ‘Qubool Hai’

Eman Suleman advises you to have all the tough talk before tying the knot.

For many, marriage is the most anticipated phase of life. We fantasize about it – plan things out, emotionally, physically and financially half our lives. However, before you start flying high, dreaming about your big day, you need to take a step back. First, analyze this big decision.

And who better to seek advice from than someone who recently went through this entire phase. In a candid video, model and actor, Eman Suleman shares 5 important questions one needs to ask their partner before getting married. Here’s the complete video.

Are you ready for a long-term commitment?

You might be head over heels in love with each other. Everything might seem perfect but still, ask each other one important question. Are you ready for a long-term commitment? Eman confessed that she was the one to propose to her partner and asked him if he is ready for this commitment!

Life may not be so smooth after marriage. There can be hiccups. The point is are you ready to face them with this one person. Only prepare yourself for this journey if you are willing to accept this commitment.

Is divorce an option?

The next tip that Eman gave was about divorce. Now we know that many consider this a taboo topic before marriage but this is a reality of our times.

“There is no point in living in an unhappy marriage,” said Eman. A lot of women in our country do not get the right to divorce and stay in unhappy marriages. Hence it is crucial that you tell your partner that divorce will definitely be an option if things don’t work out. This is much better than being sad and dissatisfied in life.


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To have or not have children

Is having children an option? Yes, it is your choice to have or not have children. Eman disclosed that she clearly told her partner that she does not consider herself fit to handle the responsibility of children immediately. Her partner agreed to her viewpoint as well. There is nothing wrong to discuss your apprehensions before marriage. Make sure you put your point forward clearly.

Consent in marriage

Eman pointed out that sexual intercourse should always be consensual. Therefore, it is vital that you discuss this topic with your partner. You have agency over your body and nobody, not even your partner should dictate you to do something that you do not feel like doing. It might feel uncomfortable but having this conversation is important for your own self. No matter what the society says, you should make your own decision.

Managing finances

“I asked him how much he earns,” said Eman. A lot of disagreements are because of money. It is much more viable to discuss what each person is going to bring to the table. Eman says although both of them are terrible at managing finances it’s still important to have this conversation. Both partners should contribute equally.

What are your views on this issue and will you be comfortable asking all these questions. Let us know!

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Written by Ayesha Aqeel


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