Everyone Wants To Know What Book Imran Khan is Reading and Now We Know!

Imran Khan’s reading material sets Twitter abuzz!

By now everyone is aware of a recent picture of Prime Minister Imran Khan reading a book on his flight to Jeddah. And we’ve got questions about the whole thing!

Just like Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi can’t resist having a peek at what PM Imran Khan is reading, the viral picture has the twitterverse buzzing with curiosity and questions. What literary curiosity has got Kaptaan engrossed this time?



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This is What Imran Khan is Reading

But now people know. It is the recently trending ‘The Anarchy’ by William Dalrymple.

In fact, it was a cheeky tweet from the well-known Scottish writer and historian of that very book that answered everyone’s question.


The book serves up a history lesson about the rise of the East India Company and the various issues and problems faced by countries that are controlled by a corporation.

Dalrymple has written many books based on the Subcontinent.

As expected, the picture of “some guy in salvar kemise” received mixed reactions on Twitter

Some praised Khan Saab’s choice of reading material:

People patted Dalrymple on the back for his book which got the Kaptaan’s interest:



True to their nature, some neighboring tweeps took the opportunity to troll the Pakistani Prime Minister:


Others felt like someone should give the Foreign Minister an extra copy:

For most, PM Imran Khan’s reading choice should not come as a surprise, considering that the book in question is about a British trading company that looted the wealth and resources of the Subcontinent. And it is no coincidence that the Prime Minister’s heartfelt speech at the UN General Assembly pointed out the issue of Western corporations exploiting developing nations such as Pakistan and investing in only rich countries.

So how many of you are ordering a copy of this book? Let us know in the comments below!


Written by Sher Alam


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  1. Someone who studied politics it’s good to see our prime minister making good use of free time unlike our previous and history repeats itself when it comes to foreign invaders like Afghanistan is suffering from

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