Exes Unite! Hania Aamir Hugging Merub Ali Has Internet In Frenzy

Time and again the trio keeps getting roped into controversies

An old picture of Hania Aamir and Merub Ali is circulating the web that has left people in frenzy. In the picture, Hania is hugging Merub while enjoying Asim Azhar’s concert. Time and again the trio keeps getting roped into controversies. Since Hania has dumped Asim, people are quite concerned about all three of them and what is happening in their lives.

The netizens are shocked to know that both the girls were friends previously. Being in shock the troll army could not help but troll Hania and Merub for being with Asim.

Merub and Asim have been good friends. According to Merub, their mothers are best friends. And following Hania and Asim’s break up people had already speculated back then about the two dating. But the duo kept refuting the rumors, and then both ended up being engaged.

Take a look at the public reactions to the picture!


The Mere Humsafar actress and Azhar had got into a brutal feud after their breakup and aired their dirty laundry on the web. Hania Amir and Asim Azhar had become a top hashtag trend on Twitter. After the breakup Azhar stated that

“It was a mature and mutual decision between us,”

He further said breakups are a part of life, and that a lot of people go through them. In addition to this, addressing the public reaction, he said how people love to add spice to every piece of news they discover about celebs.

Well, this statement of the Tu Jo Na Mila crooner explains much about people trying to rope them together in controversies. But it seems like their names have been attached now and will keep surfacing often.

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