Fahad Mustafa Jokes Kubra Khan’s Shaadi is Near After Appearing on ‘Jeeto Pakistan’

The game host has embraced his matchmaking guru persona following surprise marriages of celebrities like Ushna Shah, Sana Javed, and Shoaib Malik.

In a recent episode of the Jeeto Pakistan League, Kubra Khan, who assumed the role of captain for Team Islamabad, became the subject of playful banter with Fahad Mustafa.

During a lively segment of the show, Fahad jokingly hinted at Kubra’s shaadi plans, referencing the recent marriages of celebrities like Ushna Shah, Sana Javed, and cricketer Shoaib Malik, who all found love after appearing on his popular game show.

In a viral clip from the game show, Fahad playfully asked Kubra when she would tie the knot, to which she responded with laughter. Seizing the moment, Fahad jokingly blessed her, saying, “Now that you’ve come here, it will happen. We give you our blessings, baba will make it happen,” alluding to his perceived role in connecting previous participants.

The light-hearted exchange between Fahad Mustafa and Kubra Khan sparked a flurry of reactions on social media, with fans delighting in the playful banter and flooding the comments section with witty remarks.

Many users humorously speculated about the show transforming into a matchmaking platform, given Fahad’s track record of seemingly orchestrating matches among its participants.

However, despite the jesting atmosphere, marriage does not seem to be at the forefront of Kubra Khan’s priorities at the moment. In a previous interview with host Yasir Hussain, the Jannat Se Aagay actress expressed a pragmatic approach towards love and marriage, quoting a dialogue from her drama Alif and emphasizing her belief in leaving things to fate.

Kubra Khan’s down-to-earth perspective on romantic prospects resonates with her practical outlook on life, emphasizing a willingness to embrace whatever destiny has in store for her.