Fahad Mustafa Makes a Cheeky Joke About Shoaib Malik on ‘Jeeto Pakistan’

The charismatic game show host has fully embraced his newfound role as a “love guru.”

In a moment that had viewers both chuckling and raising eyebrows, the host of Jeeto Pakistan, Fahad Mustafa couldn’t resist slipping in a cheeky joke about cricketer Shoaib Malik during a recent segment.

During a pop quiz with a caller, Fahad posed the question of who captained the winning team on last year’s Jeeto Pakistan. With a hint of hesitation, the contestant ventured a guess: “Shoaib Malik.”

While technically incorrect, Fahad seized the opportunity to inject a bit of humor, quipping that Shoaib Malik indeed “won something else,” alluding to his surprise marriage to actress Sana Javed following their appearance on the show last year.

For those not up to speed, Shoaib Malik and Sana Javed’s whirlwind romance caught everyone off guard, blossoming after their joint stint on Jeeto Pakistan alongside rumors swirling about the status of their respective previous marriages.

In a turn of events that could rival the drama of a soap opera, it was revealed that Shoaib and Sana had been secretly seeing each other for three years, leading to their eventual union. Reports suggested that the relationships of both stars with their former spouses, Umair Jaswal and Sania Mirza respectively, had hit rocky patches prior to the surprise announcement.

But Shoaib and Sana aren’t the only ones to fall under the spell of Jeeto Pakistan’s magical aura when it comes to matters of the heart. Ushna Shah and pro-golfer Hamza Amin tied the knot shortly after Ushna’s appearance on the show, adding fuel to the speculation surrounding the game show’s knack for matchmaking.

Embracing his newfound role as a “love guru,” Fahad Mustafa playfully extended his blessings to Kubra Khan, another celebrity guest on the show, suggesting that her chances of finding love may be on the rise thanks to the show’s enchanting influence.

As Fahad continues to entertain audiences with his wit and charm, viewers can’t help but wonder what surprises lie in store on the next episode of Jeeto Pakistan – perhaps a match made in game show heaven?