Faisalabad Man Goes Viral Using 3D Printer to Make Delicious Jalebi

The ingenuity of Pakistani culinary artisans knows no bounds.

In Faisalabad, a local Jalebi wala has gone viral after he decided to make traditional sweet treat in a very ‘modern’ fashion, leaving locals and social media users alike in awe.

The age-old practice of making Pipal Bata Jalebi, a beloved delicacy in the region, has been given a modern twist with the use of a 3D printer nozzle.

A video circulating on social media showcases a local jalebi vendor in Faisalabad pouring the delicious jalebi mixture into a fryer using the innovative tool. The end result? Perfectly shaped and undoubtedly appetizing jalebis that have caught the attention of many.

Social media has been flooded with reactions to this unique method of jalebi-making. Some users have expressed their amazement, while others have turned to humor to capture their astonishment. Memes and witty comments have become the norm as people try to comprehend the fusion of tradition and technology in this culinary endeavor.

One Twitter user couldn’t contain their surprise, exclaiming, “Who the hell thought that a 3D printer’s nozzle would be a good idea to make Jalebis 😭😭😭”

Meanwhile, another user contemplated the implications of such innovation, asking, “Where can we buy this? Will add it to our robotic arm! Robotic Jalebi is one of the key milestones for singularity!”

However, not everyone was entirely sold on the idea. Some pondered whether the process still constituted “making” jalebis or merely “printing” them. One individual, taking a more critical stance, highlighted the challenges of using molten sugar and ensuring the right consistency of the batter when employing such unconventional methods.

And amidst the flurry of reactions, a sentiment of defense emerged from staunch jalebi enthusiasts, who refused to accept any deviation from the traditional recipe. “Jalebi keh kar, please jalebi ki bejati mat karo. This is more like Methi seviaya,” one user lamented, emphasizing the importance of preserving the authenticity of the beloved treat.

As debates continue to swirl around the use of 3D printer nozzles in jalebi-making, one thing remains certain: the ingenuity of Pakistani culinary artisans knows no bounds, blending tradition with innovation in unexpected ways.