Falak Shabir Celebrates Wedding Anniversary With A Romantic Ballad

Fans are going ‘gaga’ over seeing Sarah and Falak together onscreen.

Popular singer and songwriter Falak Shabir releases the music video for his latest track “Zindagi” in celebration of his wedding anniversary to Sarah Khan. Fans are gushing over the romantic single that features the Sabaat star join her husband onscreen.

Everyone’s Favorite Couple

The two became the talk of the town since their marriage last year. Fans love the romantic nature of the duo as Falak and Sarah bring the best out of each other. The two know how to make each other laugh and smile. Sarah Khan is well-known for being a no-nonsense professional who never lets anything distract her during work. However, Falak Shabir certainly knows how to bring the fun side out of the Sabaat star.

Sarah and Falak are avid users of Instagram as they share personal moments with fans and followers. People love how romantic Falak is with his wife. The singer has made an ongoing ritual of presenting a rose or bouquet of flowers to Sarah at the most unexpected times. Apart from their lovely photoshoots and antics on social media, Falak and Sarah are always open with their fans. The two often share rare, never-before-seen pictures and clips of each other, much to their fan’s delight.

Recently, Falak and Sarah celebrated their first wedding anniversary in the most romantic way possible. While some couples take lovely clicks together, or have a private romantic dinner, Falak Shabir made a romantic music video to express his love for his wife. The best part is that Sarah Khan is the star of the video, as fans get to see the lovely couple onscreen together! Check out the video for Falak Shabir’s latest single “Zindagi” featuring the gorgeous Sarah Khan.


We wish these to a happy anniversary and hope they make another music video together. What do you think? Let us know in the comment section below.



Sarah Khan Gets A Lovely Birthday Surprise From Falak Shabbir

Written by Sher Alam


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