Famous Turkish Chef CZN Burak Shares a Blundersome BTS [Video]

The chef is not scared of sharing his mistakes with fans.

Turkish Chef CZN Burak

Turkish Chef CZN Burak, otherwise known as Burak Özdemir, recently took to his Instagram account to share a video. In the video, he can be seen making a huge blunder, that too in public. This BTS has caught the attention of several netizens. And people can’t help but laugh – some are also saying “we learn from our mistakes” and we agree!


Turkish Chef CZN Burak

CZN Burak is extremely famous on the internet. His social media presence has made him a well-known figure – not just in Turkey but also in UAE and Pakistan.

Many who visit Turkey often go to his restaurant to try his famous cuisines and giant kebabs. Many Pakistani celebrities like Hania Amir and Imran Abbas have also visited the popular chef.

Last year, Burak Özdemir visited Pakistan and announced that he intends to open a restaurant here. This attracted more people to his Instagram page. Currently, Turkish Chef CZN Burak has 21 million followers on his Instagram account.


A blunder to remember…

The 26-year-old recently took to his Instagram account to share a BTS video. In the video, he can be seen attempting to pick up a heavy pot to turn it. However, he falls and so does the giant pot. Luckily, however, there were many hands to help him out and save the day.

Sharing the BTS video CZN Burak wrote:


Sometimes we spend days of effort even on short videos. Of course, there are minor accidents too.


Take a look at the video here:



What do you think of Turkish chef CZN Burak making this blunder on camera? Share your views in the comments section.



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