Fans Are Marching To Hania Amir’s House To Demand #JusticeForAsimAzhar

When fans take things too far.

Hania Amir

So we all know by now how the story of Hania Amir and Asim Azhar has gone down. People are now demanding justice for the Jo Tu Na Mila singer and marching in solidarity with the public friend-zoning of Asim.



In an interview with Aima Baig, the Dil Ruba actress revealed that she is single. Further adding that she and Asim have been friends all this time.

This news obviously came as a shock to everyone who had been shipping the two of them for the past two years or so.



Hania said:

lenWe are friends, we are not together, we are not dating, we are not a couple. But we are best friends.


The Facebook Event

Soon after the revelation, fans took to different social media platforms to take a jab at the situation. Taking things a little further than necessary, a Facebook event has been formed titled ‘Justice For Asim Azhar’.



People plan on marching to Hania Amir’s house on Sunday, and demand justice for the friend-zoning. As much as we would like to think this isn’t true, it is quite real. More than 46 thousand people have responded and 9+ thousand people are planning to go to the event.

(We hope they wear masks and follow the SOPs).




Both Hania and Asim were the trending hashtags on Twitter the past couple of days. But now it’s ‘justice for Asim Azhar’ that has become the new trend on the social media platform.





Should the fans stop?

Many believe the trolls and bullies should stop with all the memes and hashtags already. We don’t know their full story and shouldn’t intervene in their personal lives.







While it might not be anyone’s business, we also believe that the couple is two years too late in revealing that they are not together. Perhaps they were enjoying making a fool out of their fans?

Or perhaps after the major failure of the song ‘Tum Tum’, Hania thought its best to finally disclose her relationship status?

We were all thinking the same thing though

We apologize for all the Hania Amir and Asim Azhar posts we did, deeming them #CoupleGoals when in fact they are #JustFriends. We were misled just like the millions of other fans. Whether they’re together or not, the singers obviously look great together.



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