Fans Demand Falak Shabir to Reveal Noor Zafar’s Shaadi Plans in Hilarious Q&A Session

The singer leaves fans in stitches with his response to questions

Pop star Falak Shabir got bombarded with questions about his sister-in-law Noor Zafar Khan in a hilarious Q&A session on Instagram.

Falak Shabir shares a special bond with his fans on social media. He had a fun Q&A session with his audience, revealing some very interesting tidbits about himself. However, fans were more curious about his sali.

Like typical rishta aunties, fans wanted to know when will Noor Zafar Khan tie the knot. Falak Shabir had a hilarious response to the fans’ question.

During a Q&A session, a fan asks Falak about his sister-in-law’s marriage plans. Falak revealed that Noor Zafar has four suitors lined up but the Bharam actress is too picky to select one.

Falak and Noor share a close family bond with each other. The singer has a knack for often teasing his sister-in-law. In another query, a fan asked if Noor is as “Masoom (Innocent)” as she looks to which Falak laughed and said no.

Noor Zafar Khan is a Pakistani television actress. She made her acting debut in the role of Maheen in Kaise Huaye Benaam and later appeared as Noor-ul-Ain in Preet Na Kariyo Koi.  The starlet was last seen in the drama serial Mein Aisi Kyun Hoon opposite Jibran Nasir.


Falak Shabir is a Pakistani songwriter and singer. He came into the limelight with his debut song “Rog”, which was an instant hit and got nominated for the award. The singer is usually known as “Mr. Unplugged” and “King of Soul Style”. He tied a knot with beautiful Pakistani actress Sarah Khan.

The singer is always active on Instagram, sharing snippets from his professional as well as personal life.

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