Fans Laud Bilal Abbas and Hadiqa Kiani’s Chemistry In ‘Dobara’

Their chemistry is certainly crackling!

The drama Dobara has been super entertaining with the humourous character of Bilal Abbas as Mahir and his amusing banters with stepmother and Durdana Aapa (Sakina Sumo). Simmered with the remarkable acting skills of Hadiqa Kiani (Mehru), the drama is topping the charts!

The story of the drama serial Dobara highlights the social issues faced by a woman after getting married to a man younger than her. The plot seems to be challenging the taboos of society. The latest episode was all about Dobara shattering baseless taboos and questioning the hypocritical practices in our society.

Despite the gaping difference in their age, Hadiqa and Bilal Abbas have perfected their romantic equation as husband and wife. Their chemistry is fun to watch and we love how they are growing in their characters- first as friends and now as partners.

The drama has garnered a lot of praise and appreciation from the fans. Fans totally adored the couple, Bilal Abbas, as Mahir and Hadiqa a Mehru. Mahir and Mehru are both trending on social media, their crackling chemistry left the fans in awe.

Take a look!

As the story unfolds, we wonder what is really going on in Mahir’s mind? Is he falling in love with Mehru? Or he just wants to avenge his former girlfriend by getting a higher social status? Let’s see how this character unfolds.