From ‘Suno Chanda’ To ‘Mere Humsafar’: Google Hails Farhan Saeed As The Modern ‘King of Romance’

Even the world accepts that!

Don’t we all enjoy a nicely-crafted love story, brimming with romance? But what do we like more? A hero and heroine who stirs romantic magicalism into the characters they play. Pair him with any actress, Farhan Saeed is the one to turn the temperatures high with just one smouldering look at his lover. Yes, he’s aptly blessed with good looks. But that’s never enough if you fail to evoke a believeable chemistry onscreen. From Suno Chanda‘s Arsal, to Mere Humsafar‘s Hamza and of course, Urwa’s Farhan, we think Saeed has become Hollywood’s indusputable King of Romance. And even Google knows this!

The talented actor and singer Farhan Saeed has been capturing the hearts of the audiences with his sizzling performances in dramas. His romantic gestures and expressions sweep fans off their feet. From his real-life Eiffel tower proposal to reel-life romantic performances, he has set the bars high for all the boys out there.

Farhan Saeed is one of the biggest stars in the Pakistani showbiz industry. The Pyaar Sufiyana singer began acting in 2014. The artist has taken some big steps transitioning from a singer and musician to a wonderful actor.  Fans love his performance in hit drama serials such as Suno Chanda, Udaari, and Prem Gali. His recent dramas Badshah Begum and Mere Humsafar are hitting the top charts.

Urwa Hocane and Farhan Saeed

The Halka Halka Suroor singer tied the knot with gorgeous actress Urwa Hocane in December 2016. They appeared to be one of the most beautiful and happiest couples in Pakistani showbiz. Although their split is not official, rumor has it that the duo parted ways and broke millions of hearts.

Farhan Saeed has transitioned so smoothly from the King of romantic songs to the King of romance on screen. That even google can’t deny the fact that he is the King of Romance in Pakistan.


We have seen him in romantic performances on our television screens with some of the super-duper actresses of our industry. The pairs we didn’t know we really needed.

Suno Chanda:

The chemistry between Iqra Aziz and Farhan left us spellbound with their amazing performance and humor.

Prem Gali:

The love at first sight between Sohai Ali Abro as Joya and Farhan as Hamza sparks up a sizzling love story.

Mere Humsafar:

And hooking performance of Hala and Hamza made us believe in love after marriage as well.

Mere Ajnabi:

The soul mate and a perfect match for Urwa as Hareem with Farhan as Mohid made us stick to our television screens.

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