Farhan Saeed Reacts to ‘Rip Off’ Comments On Song ‘Na Cher Malangaan Nu’

The singer thanks his fans for with the millions of views on YouTube.

Popular singer Farhan Saeed came forward to share his thoughts on his latest single ‘Na Cher Malangaan’ being a copy of Taylor Swift’s ‘Wildest Dreams.’ In a recent interview, the singers thanks his fans for making the latest single a viral hit on YouTube.

Farhan Saeed is one of the biggest stars in the Pakistani showbiz industry. The artist has taken some big strides transitioning from a singer and musician to a brilliant actor. Fans love his performance in hit drama serials such as Suno Chanda, Udaari, and the currently ongoing series Prem Gali. The former Jal band member continues to wow fan with his performances onscreen.

Recently, Farhan made waves across social media with his melodious track “Na Cher Malangaan Nu” alongside the gorgeous Aima Baig. Fans love the song and its music video, however, there has been a bit of critique. From its storytelling, right down to the costume, the music video is eerily similar to Taylor Swift’s hit song “Wildest Dreams”.

Farhan Saeed

Fans want to call out the singer as well as the director Adnan Qazi for ‘ripping off’ Taylor Swift and Joseph Kahn’s latest number. But the reality is that Adnan already addressed the issue at the very beginning of the video. The video is a tribute to Taylor Swift, while Adnan thanked Joseph Kahn for ‘being such an inspiration’.

Recently, Farhan came forward with his own statement regarding the ‘controversy’ around his new single.

“I never have any regrets. Whatever I do, I own up to it,” Farhan said in his interview with Gloss Etc. “Will I do something like this in the future? Probably not!”

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Farhan Saeed, Aima Baig Pay Tribute to Taylor Swift With New Song [Video]


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