Feroze Khan’s Cryptic Posts Proves He Doesn’t Care

The ‘Habs’ star’s sisters also backed up him up with similar mysterious posts.

Amid all the allegations of domestic violence against Feroze Khan, his latest posts on his social media accounts give off apathetic vibes.

His sisters Dua and Humaima Malick also seem to be backing his indifferent behavior and sharing the same kind of cryptic messages.

After issuing a statement denying all the allegations made by his ex-wife, Aliza Sultan, the Khaani star shared posts on his social media account with a mysterious and confusing message.

In one post, he shared that he had made no friends in the industry.

In another post, he hinted that he is not a coward and will prove his innocence with endurance.

His sister, Dua Malik, re-shared his post and applauded his nugget of wisdom.

Their sister, Humaima Malick, has her priorities sorted and has no interest in what people are saying.

Feroze Khan is under severe criticism for all the allegations made by his ex-wife, Aliza Sultan, that he had hit and abused her. She even submitted images of her condition after he had allegedly assaulted her in court as proof which went viral on the internet.