Feroze Khan’s Lip-Lock With 4-Year-Old Son Raises Eyebrows

Heartwarming or Creepy?

Actor Feroze Khan is facing major criticism for sharing a kiss with his four-year-old son Mohammad Sultan Khan.

Looks like the Habs star has taken fatherly inspiration from NFL star Tom Brady, as after he posted a picture of himself in an intimate lip-lock with his son.

The intimate father-son moment has gone viral on social media with many people finding the kiss “uncomfortable” and “disturbing,” while others just viewed Feroze Khan as being a loving parent.

Feroze Khan shared the picture on his Instagram with the caption,

Love is the “only” answer. 🌹♥️

The image captured a fatherly moment between him and his son. However, the photograph quickly triggered diverse reactions from his followers. Some viewers found the act endearing and genuine, applauding Khan’s open display of love for his child.

Yet, a significant portion of netizens expressed their discomfort and cringe over the image, deeming the lip-to-lip kiss between a father and his young son to be crossing a boundary.

Feroze Khan

Critics argued that there should be a clear demarcation between parental affection and actions that could be perceived as overly intimate.

One social media user left a comment on the post, expressing their concerns:

This is not right. I’m sorry, I don’t support this side of affection. Please raise them right. There is a fine line between love and intimacy 😐

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