Fiza Ali’s Ex-Husband Fawad Staunchly Supports Her Amidst Criticism Following Their Divorce.

A true gentleman!

The most recent social media buzz centers around a well-known showbiz personality, Fiza Ali, and her interview where she intentionally disclosed intriguing yet troubling details about her divorce.

In the interview, Fiza Ali revealed that her husband, Fawad, had displayed reluctance and was unprepared to divorce her. She mentioned that he had fainted in the courtroom just before their divorce was finalized. She also attributed their divorce to family problems.

This candid conversation has ignited strong criticism and compelled both Fiza Ali and her ex-husband to come forward in their defense.

Her former husband spoke out against hosts and anchors for “promoting personal lives” and forcing the actress to talk about their divorce publicly. He goes further to address and clarify all rumors surrounding the couple’s divorce.

Fiza Ali posted the same note on her Instagram story and added her words,

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