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French Montana Sexualizes Hijab in Album Cover And People Are Not Thrilled About It

American rapper gets into another controversy.


French Montana, an American rapper, finds himself in a controversy after people got a peek at his upcoming album cover. Social media, especially Muslim users, are enraged at the scant disregard shown to women in niqab.

This is the cover that has got the internet up in arms:

On one hand, you see hijab/niqab clad women, all of them sporting latex thigh-high boots.

Naturally, people had a lot of opinions about it. Sexualizing women is nothing new in the music industry, but obviously the choice of attire has struck a nerve with a lot of tweeps.



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I like @FrenchMontana. He does great philanthropic work, his music slaps and he seems like an overall good dude. But this image for his upcoming album is Islamophobic. It capitalizes on damaging portrayals of Muslim women as faceless showpieces. The women are objectified, and serve the function of providing a provocative backdrop instead of being presented as real, autonomous human beings. I get that art should be provocative, but this provokes some of the worst Western stereotypes about #Islam and Muslim women. I could go on, but his being Arab or Muslim doesn’t excuse the problematic use of this image to sell records. Compare it to this ad for the #Showtime series, Homeland, which got considerable and well deserved criticism. What’s the real difference? French should know and do better.

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So what do you think? Are people being unnecessarily outraged at a piece of art, or French Montana should have been more sensitive to the sentiments of Muslim women everywhere. Sound off in the comments below!

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