From Chubby Teens to Style Icons: Aiman and Minal Khan’s Breathtaking Evolution

Twins’ evolution from child stars to superstars

The famous twin sisters of the entertainment industry, Aiman Khan and Minal Khan stepped into the world of stardom at the age of 13. But the glitzy world of stars can be enough to drive celebrities to binge eating sprees or to feel the pressures to lose weight and be fit.

The same happened with these cute little Khan sisters, as time went by they transformed themselves from chubbier to perfect style icons to fulfill the expectations celebrity status places on them. Over the years, their style has evolved significantly, from their early days in the industry to their current status as fashion trendsetters.

Aiman Minal

Here’s the timeline of the transformation of Aiman and Minal and how they have battled the scales and shed some pounds to go from fat to fit!

Career Start, 2012

Twin sisters, Aiman and Minal belonged to a very simple family and were born in Karachi. Aiman Khan debuted in Mohobbat Jaye Bhar May in 2012 and Minal Khan as a child artist in Kash Main Teri Beti Na Hoti. They were very young at the start of their career, little chubby and cute 13-year-old little girls.

Passé, 2013

Khan sisters may have top-tiered stylists working with them right now, however, this was not the case when they started their showbiz journey a decade ago.

Initial Steps, 2016

When they entered the sweet 16, the starlets started to take initial steps in the process of their grooming and definitely started shedding those extra pounds.

Making a Mark, 2017

The star sisters started working on improving their image as actors in terms of their appearances and acting skills as modern-day women in the media.

Year of Transformation, 2018

Aiman and Minal, by this time, absolutely made it and could be termed in one word, ‘Wow’.

At the end of this year, Aiman started a new chapter of her life and married her co-star, Muneeb Butt, in luxurious festivities.

Style Icons, 2020

The twins got immense love and appreciation from the audiences because of their amazing and on-point sartorial choices and styling, they even started their own clothing line.

2022 Till Now

Even though both of the sisters got married but they are still an inspiration and time and again impress their fans with their fashion choices Be it traditional attires or chic western looks.

Aiman did put on some weight after the birth of her little angel, Amal Muneeb, but she maintained herself with a healthy diet and exercises and turned herself into an ever-stunning mommy.

Kudos to Minal and Aiman Khan for achieving such amazing transformation goals and setting an example for other girls out there to follow.

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