Get Ready to Feel the ‘Beat’: Fawad Khan’s OTT Debut Sparks Buzz

Yeh Kahaani hay Dharkano ki!

Pakistani heartthrob Fawad Khan has stirred up excitement among fans with a mysterious social media update teasing his next project.

After a noticeable absence from the limelight, Khan made a return on Instagram by unveiling a film poster, sparking anticipation and curiosity among his audience.

The enigmatic poster showcases the title “Beat” in bold letters, accompanied by a release date of March 1st. Despite the intriguing visuals, the caption accompanying the post is cryptic, stating only “Har Dhadkan Ki Kahani” (A Tale of Every Heartbeat), leaving fans eager for more information.

The poster also discloses that “Beat” will premiere on an OTT platform, indicating a potential transition in Khan’s attention towards streaming services. Moreover, the film features a diverse ensemble cast alongside Khan, comprising Daniyal Naeem, Irfan Junejo, Shahveer Jaffrey, and Junaid Akram.

Here is a short teaser below to make us count the days!

As “Beat” is scheduled for release on March 1st, fans can anticipate uncovering the mystery shortly. Meanwhile, Khan’s resurgence in the public eye and his participation in this captivating project have undeniably sparked considerable excitement and anticipation within the Pakistani entertainment landscape.