Ghana Ali Announces Her Pregnancy News by Flaunting Baby Bump

The couple got married in May 2021 and are now expecting their first child

Famous actress Ghana Ali shares her pregnancy news with fans by flaunting her baby bump. The ‘Ahsas’ actress shared the happy news in an Instagram post with her husband.

“We are so happy to announce that our little bundle of joy will arrive soon”

“Alhumdulillah!!!  cannot thank Allah Pak enough for blessing us with this happiness, We can’t wait to meet our new addition”.

Ghana Ali got married in May 2021 and is now expecting her first child.

Earlier, the Sangdil actress left her project ‘Benaam’, after she found out she was pregnant with her first child.

The stars gathered on Instagram to congratulate Ghana on her life’s new journey. Anoushey Ashraf, Areeba Habib, Nimra Khan, Noor Zafar Khan, Minal Khan, Aimen Khan, and others lauded her for stepping into motherhood.

Ghana has always been prominent in the news and masala. Her life has been quite happening; from her controversial marriage to getting backlash from netizens and her moot comments and posts. She is always successful in stealing the limelight and staying on the news.

Earlier this year, Ghana had married a millionaire businessman Umair. Her marriage landed her in hot waters over marrying a man who allegedly was already married. She earned a lot of backlash from the netizens and was labeled a homewrecker, gold digger, and whatnot.

Umair’s pictures from his previous marriage had circulated the web and thus, got a counterblast from people. Netizens were rather shocked after not only finding out about Umair’s previous marriage but also that he has a son. This news invited criticism towards the couple with the internet trolling them even more.

The 27-year-old actress has taken a break from the showbiz industry for some time after the wedding.

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