Ghotki Police Arrest Rooster For Illegal Cockfighting

Only one individual was denied bail.

People often criticize law enforcement officials for not doing their jobs and not apprehending dangerous criminals. However, in a recent raid at a gambling den, the police managed to capture one dangerous suspect that was part of an ‘underground fight club’. That suspect is a rooster.

In the city of Ghotki, Sindh, police raided a local gambling den where people organized illegal cockfights. The people arranging the illegal event were arrested as well as one of the ‘star performers’ was put behind bars.

In this unique case, the local court allowed bail of the accused persons running the operation, but unfortunately, the rooster’s bail was denied.


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It is unclear whether the ‘suspect in custody’ is an alleged combatant or just a spectator caught at the wrong place at the wrong time. Whatever the case may be, the court’s decision to let the organizers roam free and keep the rooster in custody seems to suggest that this ‘feathered-felon’ could be the brains behind the operation.


According to details, the police team raided the gambling den eight months ago. The rooster has been kept as evidence by law officials. However, sources in the police station have said that the rooster is causing all sorts of trouble at the station (that’s one hardened criminal!).

Stay posted for more details on this ‘riveting court case’.



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Written by Sher Alam


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