Gohar Mumtaz Reveals Why Farhan Saeed Left Jal: The Quest to Be Another Atif Aslam

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The world of music is often filled with stories of talent, passion, and sometimes, unexpected departures. Recently, Gohar Mumtaz, the founding member of the iconic Pakistani band Jal, shed light on why Farhan Saeed, the former lead vocalist of the band, decided to part ways. In a candid revelation, Mumtaz disclosed that Saeed’s aspirations to emulate the success of Atif Aslam, particularly in Bollywood, played a significant role in his departure.

Farhan Saeed’s departure from Jal left fans questioning the reasons behind the split, and Mumtaz’s recent comments provided valuable insight into the dynamics within the band. Here is the video below,

According to Mumtaz, Saeed harbored ambitions to follow in the footsteps of Atif Aslam, a renowned Pakistani singer who had successfully transitioned into the Bollywood music scene. Saeed’s desire to pursue opportunities in Bollywood and carve out a similar path to Atif Aslam’s undoubtedly influenced his decision to part ways with Jal.

In his revelation, Mumtaz also shared the efforts he had invested in grooming Saeed’s talent. He recounted working extensively with Saeed to refine his singing skills, particularly since Saeed initially possessed what Mumtaz described as a “normal voice.” Despite the challenges, Mumtaz dedicated considerable time and effort to nurturing both Saeed’s and Atif Aslam’s talents, only to see them eventually part ways with him.

Reflecting on Atif Aslam’s departure from Jal, Mumtaz acknowledged that Atif’s exit occurred at a fortuitous time for the singer, allowing him to pursue a solo career that eventually propelled him to fame. Mumtaz emphasized that not everyone could replicate Atif Aslam’s success, highlighting the uniqueness of his journey and talent.

As fans continue to reminisce about Jal’s iconic melodies and Farhan Saeed’s soulful vocals, Mumtaz’s candid disclosure provides valuable context to the band’s history and evolution. While Saeed may have left Jal in pursuit of his aspirations, his contributions to the band’s legacy remain etched in the hearts of fans, serving as a reminder of the transformative power of music and the enduring impact of talented artists.