Gohar Rasheed Calls For a Law on Three Day Menstrual Leave

Rasheed believes in fighting against the stigmas’ of society and eradicating them

Recently, the ace actor Gohar Rasheed came forward and stated that women should get a three-day menstrual leave. He turned to his gram story and shared his thoughts

“Spain is announcing a three-day menstrual leave for women. This law should also be encouraged in Pakistan too”

Rasheed believes in fighting against the stigmas’ of society and eradicating them. He has also quite a few times spoken in favor of women.

Previously in an interview he said

“I want to send a message through my plays that women are not weak”

He further added

“In our country, the narrative of TV dramas revolves around the helplessness and oppression of women, which I intend to change through my dramas”

The Ishqiya star went on to say that electronic media subconsciously influences the viewers. We should depict women’s empowerment on TV, and that they defend themselves against all odds. We desperately need to change that concept of women being oppressed and crying while sitting in a corner. We have made our viewers accustomed to scandals, thrills and negative characters. We need to re-teach our audience that women have a strong place in society. The man needs a woman as much as the woman needs the man.

“We fail to give the complete rights and freedom to our women. Is this what our religion teach us? No it is not. We need to try our best that the females are given complete rights. In no way, we should try to make the women feel uncomfortable”

It is the duty of the government to protect the rights of the women, as per Gohar.

Gohar Rasheed is best known for his work in the movie Seedlings, for which he was nominated for best actor in a supporting role at the 2012 New York Film Festival and the 1st ARY Film Awards. he was also nominated for best actor at the 13th Lux Style Awards.