‘Gonna Tell My Kids’ is the Most Hilarious Meme on Social Media Right Now

This is Keanu Reeves alright.


Twitter games yield a range of responses from wacky to tacky. Desi Twitter just amped that up with their contributions to the biggest meme of the moment  – Gonna Tell My Kids.

Ready to see what the fuss is all about? Here goes everything.



This could count as an upgrade.

We might have ended up destroying art. Does this count as a crime?



Some of the answers were so cringeworthy, they will make you question what you just saw.


#GonnaTellMyKids also provides a great opportunity for a burn, provided you ever get the chance to tell your kids that is.


On another note, things just got political.

What is happening here?

What did Messi ever do to you….(okay don’t answer that).


Is this for real? Mark this as something I am ‘not #GonnaTellMyKids’


These seem like Bollywood references gone wild.

The sexist jokes though, not okay, not cool. This is something we hope we won’t need to tell our kids.

There it is folks. Make sure to check out the hashtag for more good stuff. In fact, why don’t you give it a shot.


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