Hadiqa Kiani Issues Justification That Hadsa Isn’t Based on 2020 Motorway Rape

“It is based on sickly common part of our reality”

The legendary singer cum actress, Hadiqa Kiani denied claims that the story of the new drama serial ‘Hadsa’ was related to the 2020 motorway rape incident. She addressed the situation on X.

She stated,

After many conversations with the team and only after reading the script I understood that Hadsa was not related to or based on the 2020 motorway story.

Kiani, in her post, claimed that when she was asked to do Taskeen’s role for the drama, her first question was whether the drama was based on the true incident. To this, the team explicitly told her: “No.”

She lamented that rape and violence happen far too often in society to men, women, and children from all social classes and all regions.

She explained,

I have sadly been exposed to many stories like this one but I can say that Hadsa is not based on anyone’s story, it is based on a sickly common part of our reality.

She capped off her statement by saying

Rape and sexual violence are painful and traumatizing subjects – especially for survivors. I believe that episodes should air with trigger warnings, with caution for all those who have been exposed to such evils. I am in no position to say how survivors should respond – all I can say and hope for is that we bring the conversation regarding this evil forward and that we can all make strides to protect and empower survivors.

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