Hania Aamir Wants People to Normalize the Use of Beauty Filters

After the filter controversy, Hania Aamir is back with another video.

Hania Aamir

After the filter controversy, Hania Aamir is back with another video. The Ishqiya actress has once again shared her views on beauty filters and educated her followers that there is nothing wrong to use them.

Previously, Hania Aamir received backlash for preaching self love and acceptance while using a beauty filter. Not only that, but her speech was a part of a campaign for a popular makeup brand.

Now, she wants the public to accept the use of beauty filters and stop bashing others. Beauty filters have been around for a while now and the actress believes it is time we normalize them.

Taking to her Instagram stories, she said,

“You guys need to stop. It’s 2021 and filters have been a part of our lives for a while now. And everybody needs to be okay with the fact that people are using filters on their faces. And Instagram also says the name of the filter right on top. So let’s get done with this. I’m using a filter right now. I don’t look like this in real life.”


She then removed the filter and showed her real facial features.

“This is me, without a filter, authentic, genuine.”

Earlier, Hania Aamir was trolled for preaching self acceptance and how we should ‘own ourselves’ while wearing makeup and using a beauty filter.

She then came out and responded to the tolls, saying she has been trying to spread skin and body positivity for years now. The use of a beauty filter does not change her perspective.

“That’s not the point. When people talk irresponsibly about such a sensitive topic, it defeats the purpose of the conversation that I’m trying to have.”



Hania Aamir Under Fire for Using Beauty Filters and Preaching the Opposite

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