Hania Aamir Under Fire for Using Beauty Filters and Preaching the Opposite

The actress received flak for preaching everyone to embrace their skin and ‘own themselves’ while wearing makeup and using a beauty filter.

Hania Aamir

Hania Aamir has been receiving flak for preaching everyone to embrace their skin and ‘own themselves’ while wearing makeup and using a beauty filter.

Just recently, the actress shared a video of herself where she is calling out the beauty standards and the ‘gora complex’ that exists in our society.

The Dil Ruba actress has always been quite vocal about the issues of colorism and the terrifying beauty standards set by our society. In a recent video, she highlighted these issues once again after being told by a friend that she needs to get a tan.

“Gori hai tou chitti hai, dark complexion hai tou gori kyun nai hojati?! [If she has a dark complexion, why doesn’t she get fair]. I think it’s high time now that we start having these conversations because for how long will we keep feeling insecure because of the way we look?”


She further said,

“We need to own ourselves, we need to own our skin tones. We don’t have to wear two tones dark foundation or two tone light foundation that oh, these are our beauty standards. These are terrible beauty standards and we don’t need to follow them because we have a responsibility for the next generations to come.”


Netizens call out Hania Aamir

Ironically, throughout the whole video, she had a beauty filter on her face. Not only that, but the actress was wearing makeup and trying to promote her collaboration with a popular makeup brand, which defeats the purpose of everything she said. She even used the ‘Fit Us As We Are’ hashtag.




Soon after, people started criticizing her for the double standards, asking her to practice what she was preaching in the video. She talked about ‘self-acceptance’ yet it sounded more like a fashion statement, rather than self-reflective advice for her fans.


The Ishqiya actress is looking flawless in the video. But that’s not how real skin looks like, right? The excessive use of beauty filters really questions her believes. She is trying to ‘preach’ her followers that they should own themselves but we do not see her ‘owning’ herself.



She defends herself in another video

In another Instagram story, she cleared the air on the ongoing debate and said,

“That’s not the point. When people talk irresponsibly about such a sensitive topic, it defeats the purpose of the conversation that I’m trying to have.”

Hania said that she has been trying to spread skin and body positivity for years now. The use of a beauty filter does not change her perspective.


However, people are still not convinced. Yes, we should love ourselves and embrace our skin but at the same time, she should have admitted to the fact that she was promoting her collaboration with a makeup brand.

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