Hania Amir’s Little Dance Video Goes Viral On Social Media

Fans adore the Dil Ruba star’s casual dance outside a restaurant in Las Vegas, USA

Hania Aamir

Popular Pakistani actress Hania Amir took to her Instagram to share a brief clip of her dancing with a friend. The video went viral as people love the Dil Ruba star’s casual little dance during her trip to the USA.

Hania Amir is one of the biggest names in showbiz right now. The young actress has melted the hearts of fans worldwide with her brilliant onscreen performances. People love her looks and her charming personality. Fans love Hania’s bold and energetic personality, which does get her into trouble but not this time.



Hania Aamir Trolled Over Her Sloppy Performance in a Dance Video

The Janaan actress took to Instagram to share a video of herself ‘casually’ dancing her heart out with a friend as they wait outside a restaurant in Las Vegas, Nevada. Check it out!

Bohat he casual dancing khanay ka intezaar karte hue (Very casual dancing while awaiting for the meal),” Hania wrote in the caption.

The video went viral on social media as people adore the cute little dance of Hania Amir and her friend, as well as their funny interaction with a local. This isn’t the first time we see Hania casually dancing out in public. Not so long ago, the Ishqiya star created quite a controversy when she danced in a restaurant in Pakistan. People were not happy with Hania’s ‘indecent’ act. However, no one is upset this time around.

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