Hareem Shah Leaks Another Video of Mufti Abdul Qavi Putting On Makeup

Has the whole Hareem Shah vs Abdul Qavi controversy gone too far? Or has it just begun?

Abdul Qavi

Hareem Shah sent shock waves through social media with a controversial video featuring Mufti Abdul Qavi. In the video, The TikTok star was seen slapping and running away from the religious scholar. Naturally, her post stunned everyone. But it seems like the social media sensation is not done publicly shaming the cleric. Hareem has now posted another video of Qavi – getting his makeup done.


Hareem Shah vs. Mufti Abdul Qavi

Last week Hareem Shah made headlines with her claims against Abdul Qavi. After posting the controversial video, she explained that the cleric had been harassing her. In several interviews, the 36-year-old revealed that Qavi had been harassing her. In addition to this, she also said that he had been passing sexual remarks at her.

Before we get into the recent video, let’s take a look at the videos she had already leaked:




On the other hand, famous lawyer Shama Junejo also shared a video featuring Abdul Qavi. In the video, he can be heard admitting to enjoying red wine. Take a look:



Another day, another leaked video of Abdul Qavi

Hareem Shah has taken to her social media account, once again, to publicly humiliate the cleric. In the video, the religious cleric can be seen sitting in a makeup room. Hareem is seen standing next to him, while a makeup artist is busy putting makeup on Abdul Qavi.

Here’s the link to the video:



Since the comments section has been turned off, no public reactions were recorded for this post. But netizens have taken to Twitter to share their 2 cents on the matter.


Public Reacts

While some have been reacting with memes, others are disapproving of Hareem’s acts. Let’s take a look at some of the public reactions:





Abdul Qavi is not a Mufti

In another news, the title of Mufti has been stripped off Abdul Qavi. He will now spend his time in isolation, without any outside influence or even a mobile phone.



What do you think of this story? Has the whole Hareem Shah vs Abdul Qavi controversy gone too far? Or has it just begun? Share your views in the comments section.



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Written by Yusra Rafiq


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