Hareem Shah Opens Up About Her Money Laundring Case

The TikToker recorded her statement with FIA as well.

The controversial social media sensation, Hareem Shah, just ‘cleared the air’ regarding her ongoing money laundering case and claimed that it was a prank that she had pulled for fun.

She has been accused of transferring money illegally after posting a video of stacks of British pounds in front of her and claiming that she had brought them from Pakistan without the notice of airport authorities.

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) subsequently subpoenaed her and reportedly interrogated her for three hours at its office.

Hareem Shah told the media this week that she has officially told the FIA in a statement that her video was nothing more than a ‘prank’.

Earlier this week, the Sindh High Court (SHC) also approved a protective bail for Hareem Shah for seven days against a money laundering case. It had been dismissed by Justice KK Agha before as well.

Hareem Shah told Geo News after her investigation by the FIA this week that she is not afraid of all the accusations against her and will confront them bravely like her previous controversies.

The unfazed TikTok star announced last month that she would donate her husband’s casino gambling winnings in Malaysia for flood relief efforts in Pakistan.

What do you think about Hareem Shah’s latest can of worms? Does it seem to be like a prank? Share your thoughts below.