Haroon Shahid Gets Into an Ugly Feud With a Fan Over a Fan-Made Video

Here’s what happened.

Actor and singer Haroon Shahid gets into an ugly feud on Twitter with a fan made video. The Hum Kahan Kay Sachay Thay star exchange heated words with a fan accusing him of posting a fan-made without giving credit to original content creator.

Social media is a great platform for individuals to get creative online and put out unique content, albeit using bits from various sources. These content creators have no objection to people sharing their edits online. However, there is a catch, it is obligatory for people to credit the content creator. If they don’t, things can get nasty.

One celebrity found out when they shared a fan-made video on Twitter that features snippets of Mahira Khan from her telefilm Ek Hai Nigar with the song “Mitti” in the background. That celebrity is none other than the singer of “Mitti“, Haroon Shahid!

Instead of acknowledging the fan, Haroon made things worse by clapping back at the fan.

“Using my song, stealing ARY’s visuals and making an edit is worse. What you on about, stinker?”


The original content creator of the video, came out to defend her friend after noticing the “disrespectful” response by Haroon.

“But stealing ARY’s visuals didn’t benefit me financially in any way and you [are] disrespecting a friend of mine for pointing out the bare minimum amazes me.”

Haroon carried on the verbal exchange with the content creator and her friend without compromising. Even the singer’s fans believe that Haroon should know better than to be rude to a  fan. Many advise him to be kind towards the fans, which is what is expected from a celebrity of his stature.

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Written by Sher Alam


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