Hasan Khan Speaks up Against Javeria Saud Over Non-Payment [Video]

He is the third person to report their fraud.

Hasan Khan

Salma Zafar’s allegations, against Javeria Saud and her husband Saud, shocked their Pakistani fans. But since then more people have been coming out with their stories. After Sherry Shah’s accusations, Pakistani actor Hasan Khan confirmed JJS Productions’ fraud case.



He, like the other actors, claims that the couple owes him money. Although his contract with JJS Productions ended last year in June, he hasn’t been paid yet.

I recently worked with them [JJS Productions] and my experience wasn’t exactly good either.

He further added that it has been almost 18 months, and he has not received his payment as of yet.

I don’t really need the money now, since I’m working with a really nice firm. But I have some co-actors who are disturbed by their actions.




Addressing to Javeria Saud and her husband, he said it is unfortunate to see that they have a beautiful home, but can’t pay off the actors for their hard work.

Some of these people are the lone bread earners for their families. How can you sleep or even live a healthy lifestyle by stopping their payments?



Adding that the couple has been a part of the religious festivities of Ramadan, spreading the message of Islam. So, it is really heartbreaking to see them not fulfilling the rights of fellow human beings.

I’m extending a loan forgiveness, you don’t need to pay me. It’s now between me and my God.

Watch the full video here:





Javeria Saud and her husband have continuously denied the accusations against them. But we hope that this message from Hasan Khan can really open their eyes and their hearts.


Javeria Saud Sues Actress Salma Zafar for Defaming Her

Written by Yusra Rafiq


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