Have You Seen Saba Qamar’s Neck Tattoo? [Video]

Yes, the Baaghi actress has a tattoo that she’s kept out of sight for who knows how long!

Saba Qamar's neck tattoo

If you didn’t appreciate what a badass Saba Qamar really is wait till you catch sight of her neck tattoo. Yes, the Baaghi actress has a tattoo on the nape of her neck that she’s kept out of sight for who knows how long! What does Saba Qamar’s neck tattoo even mean!?

Despite tattoos being an art form and an expression of the wearer, they are still taboo in Pakistan. The conservative South Asian nation might appreciate a good tattoo on others but not a fellow Pakistani. That explains why celebs that often remain in the public eye keep their tattoos out of sight.


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However, in a recent Instagram story of her workout, Saba Qamar gave us a glimpse of her neck tattoo. The video showcases what seems to be Japanese letters sketched on the nape of her neck.


Remember when kanji — Japanese letter tattooing, was all the rage in the late 90s and early 2000s? The Cheekh actor’s ink seems like a blast from the past. That also reminds us of how particular Japanese letters can be and how people end up inked with the wrong word, messages over minor strokes.

However, this also brings up how kanji tattoos are for want their tattoo to be packed with a lot of meaning into a limited space. So what does the Kamli starlet’s tattoo mean?

Is that a kanji tattoo?

Maybe these are ruins in another language altogether and we’re reading this all wrong. What does Saba Qamar’s neck tattoo mean? Maybe she’ll hit us up and let us know? (fingers crossed).


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