Here’s Why Aiman and Minal Khan Are the Queens of Cool Color Coordinated Outfits [Pictures]

They are the perfect sibling duo!

Aiman and Minal Khan

Aiman and Minal Khan are the most loved sibling duo of Pakistani showbiz. The two have taken social media by storm and they have a very strong fan base.

Both Aiman and Minal started their careers as child stars. However, both the sisters grew up to become the leading ladies of Pakistani dramas.

The twin sisters share a very special bond and they often express their love for each other. They are loved by millions of people around the world and continue to inspire them through their strong social media presence.

Over the years, they have given us some very iconic fashion inspirations that we can’t seem to forget. They prove that they are the real queens of color coordinated outfits and are changing the fashion game.

Let’s take a look at some of their best ‘sibling’ coordinated outfits.



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