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Hip Hop Star Moji Talks About His Newest Album Mirage [Videos]

Music for our times.

For those of you familiar with the Pakistani rap scene, you’ve probably already heard the album titled ‘Mirage‘ by Moji. For those of you that haven’t, you’re missing out!

The album has something for every angst-filled teen or young adult dealing with real-life issues. In fact, the album is intended for anyone and everyone dealing with their own demons right now.

Moji describes his newest work in so many words:

“Anyone and everyone who can relate to it. I do believe we all have issues and problems, many of us just deal with it better. I intend to show people that hey, I’m like you, I am you.”

Speaking to ProPakistani, Urdu rapper and hip-hop artist Moji (formerly Young Bone) opened up about how Mirage came to be. It took 10 days, but the process before that hadn’t been that of ‘optimal productivity’.

The artist had almost called it quits before putting out this album. Just listen to his tracks ‘Salakhein‘ and ‘Kuch Batein‘ to see how much soul and effort he put into his newest body of work.

“I tried to keep it as natural as I could. No sugar coating, no ego. Just pure and unfiltered Moji. I knew what the album should sound like and rest was going with the flow. It was recorded and produced in a span of 10 days.”

The track ‘Salakhein‘ actually narrates his struggle with pursuing a career in music.

Initially, he just started out with 2Pac and Snoop Dogg tunes. He was amazed how serious they took their craft. Its no wonder then, that rap music became a way to relieve his stress and a way to express himself.

“Salakhein, its simple, at your face and tells a tale about my relationship with hiphop.”

Despite the rough patch in his life at that time, this actually led Moji to evolve his musical style.

Mirage itself is about transformation and transition. So we can almost envision the rapper transitioning to different things as we listen to each track. The album is a full narrative of its own, ‘for those who look for it‘.

“Its (the album) a play on words, a journey, a transformation or a transition. Its about Falling from a high place or returning where you came from. Its about showing things are not what they seem. A personal journey from light to the dark.”


With eight tracks out, Mirage still has more stuff in the pipeline. Meanwhile, you can check out the album here.

Moji also says that more albums are incoming.

“Another album, I have been doing this since I was 13 and I am 25 now, but since I made my first body of work (Mirage) I have fallen in love with this pattern. Expect more concepts and rollercoaster rides in the future.”


From Young Bone to Moji

The singer and music producer has made many contributions to the hip-hop scene in Pakistan since 2008. At the time he went by the stage name Young Bone.

His influences included classic staples like 2pac and Eminem. But as his music evolved, so did his taste.

“Starting off, I would say 2pac because that was the first time I found out that there could be anyway via music to deliver a message. Then it became Eminem because he had the songs that I could relate to a lot and he is technically the best lyricist. Now I am more into the musical side of the game, listening to Opeth, Radiohead, Thundercat, and Flying Lotus”

Young Bone was widely known and had quite the fan base, but now he’s evolved into a new persona with Moji.

Moji says that his transition from Young Bone to today matured him as a better artist.

“Young Bone was definitely a part of who Moji is today. He is not gone, it’s just that, I am not ‘Young’ anymore. I have evolved so the Name had to go, it did not match with my current artistic values and vision.”

He encourages future artists to never stop growing either.

“Keep learning, never stop learning. If the idea does not make you lose your sleep, its not hot.”

Written by Ummara Sheraz

Entertainment & culture writer at ProPakistani/Lens. Occasionally dabbles in other news.


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