How Does Alia Bhatt Maintain Her Washboard Abs?

Ali Bhatt

As actors, people are required to ‘look good for a living’. This is why their insane diets and workout routines make sense. However, we still wonder about their fitness secrets. Currently, we just discovered what Ali Bhatt does to look that good.

As per her nutritionist Rutuja Diwekar, the Highway actress eats jowar, or white millet, in the summers. Then for winters she eats bajra, or barley. For monsoon, she then relys on naachni-raagi.

Along with this elaborate cereal schedule, she also includes seasonal fruits, herbal tea, eggs, and some healthy snacking in her daily diet. Organic milk, lassi, and chhaas (tea) are also her favorites.

Looks like she has a palate for healthy food as Alia Bhatt likes to eat khichdi, dal-chawal, and curd rice with a tablespoon of ghee. Along with other home-cooked food.

Aside from all these efforts in the kitchen, the Student of the Year actress also has an intense workout routine. Her fitness regime integrates a range of different exercises. From pilates and yoga, to weight training and core-strengthening exercises. She even does kick-boxing.

The Dear Zindagi diva routinely shares bits from her workout on social media platforms. Alia Bhatt mixes up these exercises when she hits the gym at least five times a week.

Apparently, the starkid had to undergo significant weight loss to bag a role in Karan Johar’s Student of the Year back in 2011. She lost nearly 20 KGs for her role. Since then she’s maintained her washboard abs.


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