‘I am not fully being myself anymore’: Hania Aamir Talks About Her Rise To Stardom [Video]

Showbiz diva Hania Aamir talks about her success and journey into stardom. The Mere Humsafar star explains that she has to be extra careful nowadays about the things she posts on social media.

hania aamir

Recently, Hania Aamir sat down for an interview to talk about her rise to stardom. The Mere Humsafar starlet is enjoying great success these days but her journey hasn’t been without difficulties.

As one of the most popular actresses in Pakistan, the spotlight has constantly been over Hania. The young actress is under the public microscope, especially on social media. Hania explains she has to be extra careful about what she writes or posts on the internet.

“I am not fully being myself anymore; I now do damage control even before I post anything,” Hania Aamir said.

Check out the full interview.

Hania Aamir is one of the biggest names in the Pakistani showbiz industry. The young diva is a household name due to her charming personality and beautiful looks. The 25-year-old gave stellar performances in hit drama serials such as Ishqiya and Dil Ruba. The actress made quite a name for herself in the blockbuster feature film Parwaz Hai Junoon and Parde Mein Rehne Do. Currently, the actress is making waves with her drama serial Mere Humsafar.

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