Internet Can’t Get Enough Of Saboor Aly and Khushhal Khan In ‘Mushkil’

The duo makes a cute couple and fans are in awe showering praises over them.

The ongoing drama ‘Mushkil’ has been garnering a lot of praises lately. People are head over heels for Khushhal Khan and Saboor Aly. The duo makes a pretty cute couple and fans are in awe showering praises over them. It seems that Aly and Khan are the new favourite couple in town.

Newcomer Khushhal Khan is making quite a mark in the showbiz industry. Fans applaud the young actor’s acting skills in the drama. People are completely obsessing over Khushhal Khan and Saboor Aly and creating all kinds of lovable memes.

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Mushkil follows a love triangle and a tale of two best friends, Sameen (Saboor Aly) and Hareem (Zainab Shabbir), which is put to a test as they come face to face with numerous challenges that put their friendship at stake.

Hailing from a humble background, Sameen is a young and naive girl who understands and respects her family values. Studying at university together, Sameen and Hareem are secret keepers of each other. Hareem is in one-sided love with one of her colleagues, Faraz (Kushal Khan) who is a handsome, young man however he is unaware of Hareem’s feelings.

Things take a surprising turn when an impulsive decision by Hareem’s family and her obsession to win Faraz leads to several misunderstandings. Sameen’s intentions to help her best friend leads her further into trouble where she is left to save her self-respect.

Will Sameen be able to clear the misunderstandings or will Hareem go too far in taking revenge? Despite glaring differences between the two, will Sameen and Faraz be able to understand each other? Despite Hareem’s vengeful acts, will Sameen succeed in saving her relationship with Faraz?

Let’s keep a lookout in the upcoming episodes.

The serial has been produced under the banner of 7th Sky Entertainment and directed by veteran actress Marina Khan.

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