IBA Dating App ‘UniDating’ Becomes a Target of Twitterati Trolls

IBA students believe they have a unique lifestyle and mentality – that only fellow IBA students can understand.

IBA Dating App

The past weekend, social media was in fits after a dating app was launched – specifically for IBA students in Pakistan. Since the dating app, Bumble, has everyone, IBA students believe they needed a separate app to find like-minded people with similar lifestyles. Now, Twitterati trolls are out again – with mixed feelings.


IBA Dating App

On Saturday, news of the app broke the internet. The launch of ‘UniDating’ on Facebook shocked netizens. And while IBA students were glad, others were confused and hysterical. In the post, the concept of ‘UniDating’ was explained:


Hey Guys
Just wanted to grab a couple of minutes of your time.
We had something special cooking for a while now and finally, It’s here.

We would like to introduce you to your own “Exclusive” IBA dating site for current IBA students only.
If you know how “Tinder” works then you are in for a treat.

Sign up at : www.theunidating.com
Follow us on instagram : @unidating_iba
For queries contact us at: [email protected]


Take a look at the post here:


IBA Dating App


Netizens react

From attacking IBA students to making fun of them, and questioning the purpose of this app, Twitterati trolls are on a roll these days. Netizens have now taken to their respective Twitter accounts to express how they feel about this dating app.

Let’s take a look at some of the posts on Twitter:













What do you have to say about the IBA dating app ‘UniDating’? Do you think it is a good idea to launch an app as such exclusively for one institute? Share your thoughts in the comments section.



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