IKEA Trolls Balenciaga’s Overpriced ‘Toliya’ Skirt

“Every Pakistani Mard hazraat shower leny k Baad Be Like:-😂😂”

In a brilliant display of “reactive marketing,” furniture giant IKEA took a cheeky dig at luxury fashion house Balenciaga, offering a “sasta” version of their ridiculously extravagant $950 towel skirt.

The move comes after Balenciaga’s peculiar fashion statement raised eyebrows and sparked a wave of hilarious reactions online.

Balenciaga’s unisex towel skirt, featuring two buttons at the waistline and an adjustable belt with a buckle inside, left many baffled as it essentially a bathroom towel with buttons.

People still can’t get over Balenciaga’s ridiculous fashion statement. For Pakistanis, these kind of towels are available at every bazaar for as low as 300 rupees. One user hilariously quipped,

Every Pakistani Mard hazraat shower leny k Baad Be Like:-😂😂

Others still wondered who would be crazy enough to spend $950 on a towel as one user wrote, “No but fr who would spend $900 to have a towel wrapped around their waist 💀”

However, worry not as Swedish furniture giants IKEA has your toliya needs covered!

In a savvy marketing move, IKEA decided to “rebrand” their $30 VINARN bath towels as fashionable skirts. The company posted a picture of a man dressed exactly like the Balenciaga model, creating a side-by-side visual comparison that humorously highlighted the contrast in pricing and accessibility. IKEA wrote in the caption,

Introducing the new VINARN Towel Skirt. A 2024 Spring fashion essential

Social media users were swift in their response, showering IKEA with praise for their ingenuity. One user coined the term “BALENCIKEA,” while another suggested “IKEANCIAGA,” applauding the Scandinavian giant for its clever troll.