Imran Abbas & Urwa Hocane Wow Fans With Their ‘Pal Bhar Thehar Jao’ Cover [Video]

Imran Abbas and Urwa Hocane are set to share the screen in an upcoming drama Amanat.

Imran Abbas - Amanat - Alka Yagnik

Imran Abbas and Urwa Hocane are set to share the screen in an upcoming drama Amanat. While on the sets of the drama serial, the co-stars passed the time by singing ‘Pal Bhar Thehar Jao‘. Now the cover is making rounds online.

Urwa Hocane posted the video of their casual cover of the Bollywood ballad. She captioned the video;

“Entertaining ourselves yet again at a late night shoot!”

The video has people swooning over the duo’s vocals. Despite being an amateur, Imran Abbas has managed to garner praise from Alka Yagnik herself in another recent video of him casually singing.

Imran Abbas was driving and singing along to her love song ‘Tu Mere Saamne’. 

Aside from fans gushing about his singing skills, Alka Yagnik praised the Thora Sa Haq actor’s vocals.

Imran Abbas
Bollywood singer, Alka Yagnik praises Imran Abbas’ vocals.


Imran Abbas and Urwa Hocane

On the other hand, a lighthearted moment between the Amanat costars led to rumors of them getting hitched.

The Meri Zaat Zarra-e-Benishan star is rumored to be in a relationship with almost all his single co-stars. Just recently he was rumored to have wed Ushna Shah after photo-shopped images of the actors went viral online.

In a Facebook post, Imran Abbas requested that all his co-stars stopped being linked to him.

“After Aleezay Shah, Saboor, Ushna now its Urwa… My Fourth marriage since January 2021, … Its really shameful to associate any female’s name with her co-actor/friend or vice versa.”

He requested that Netizens unsubscribe from YouTube channels that spread such rumors and not give them the hype they’re looking for.



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